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Namah Pictures Pvt. Ltd.
309, Morya Landmark I, New Link Road,
Opp. Infiniti Mall, Andheri West, Lokhandwala
Mumbai 400 053.

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Namah Pictures does not accept unsolicited submissions for motion pictures, television programs, websites or any other products or services. Please do not make any such unsolicited submissions to us through the Site or otherwise.

If you send us creative suggestions, ideas, notes, photographs, screenplays, artwork, or any other creative materials ("Submissions") despite our request not to do so, then you agree to the following Terms & Conditions:-

  1. You are submitting the Proposal voluntarily and no remuneration or fee is payable to you for submission of the Proposal
  2. You acknowledge that Company may already have accessed or developed or may access or develop in the future or simultaneous with the execution hereof Company may be independently or with third parties be creating, developing materials, programs, concept notes, series etc. which may be similar to the Proposal or part thereof. While Company does not claim ownership in and to the Proposal, the possibility of an overlap of ideas is acknowledged by You. Nothing herein shall limit Company’s rights to continue pursuing or pursue in the future any third party works in accordance with applicable laws.
  3. You acknowledge that the Parties have not yet reached any agreement concerning the use of the Proposal, and that no obligation of any kind is assumed by Company, or may be implied against Company by a mere submission of the Proposal by You, until a written contract in this connection has been executed between Parties, inter se, in this regard. In the event that the Proposal is accepted for exploitation by Company, at the sole discretion of Company and the Party shall enter into a detailed agreement detailing the mutual rights and obligations of the Parties for all purposes.